Outdated file scheme?

The source of one of the project I manage has suddenly turned all red, with a warning that the file scheme was outdated because of languages, and yet, I can see in the settings that all files are set for all of the project’s selected languages…

Any hint on what went wrong and how to fix it ?


Hi @azerty, it usually happens when you have CSV/XSLX file with specific languages and after the file was uploaded, you added new target languages to the project. In other words, the languages in the project don’t fully match the languages configured in the source file

You may change the scheme of the already uploaded file:

Hello, thanks for the answer !

Is there any way I can set things up so that it would auto update files when new languages are added ?
We are adding some when translators request them…

Dear @azerty11235, sorry to say so, however, Crowdin doesn’t change the languages set in the source file directly, it’s what can be done only by the project owner or managers