OTA not available on my plan

Hello, when I try to enable OTA I always see message below saying Not available on your current subscription plan. on the free tier. I’ve check everywhere including the pricing comparison and saw nothing regard this being a paid feature. The only reference I could find is regarding the getting more quota and the ios/andriod sdk being paid, though I’m trying to use the javascript sdk. I also tried making sure I had no other integrations setup. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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Hi @entro!

Over-the-Air Content Delivery is indeed a feature that requires a subscription plan above the free tier. The JavaScript SDK, similar to the iOS/Android SDKs, is subject to the same plan restrictions.

For access to OTA Content Delivery, you would need to upgrade to at least the Pro plan. You can review the details of our plans on our Pricing page here:

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Got it thank you for the information @Tamara. It would be nice to see the wording updated on the pricing page as it currently just says Android/iOS SDK. Maybe something like OTA SDKs or over-the-air delivery SDKs would be much clearer.

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Hi @entro,

Thank you for the suggestion! We’ll pass it to our PM for consideration.

In case some additional questions arise, feel free to let us know anytime.

Meanwhile, wish you a lovely rest of the day!