Only 2/4 Crowdin translations publish to Contentful

I have Crowdin connected to Contentful. I ordered translations in 4 languages (for only 14 words) from our translation partner, Blend. Two of the four languages have been populated to Contentful, even though all four translations are complete. I have synced and refreshed, and can’t figure out what’s wrong. Thank you!

To address the issue with the languages not populating in Contentful, please ensure that you have set up the language mapping correctly in the Contentful application settings
Here’s a guide that might be helpful on the matter:

Thank you, @Tetiana! This was very helpful. The issue was that in Crowdin, the generic target language drop-down did not match with the specific locale codes in Contentful. For example, I chose “Chinese Simplified” in Crowdin, but it only populated the translations for “zh-cn,” not “zh.” I think from now on, when I create a new project in Crowdin, I will use the custom language codes, to make sure there are no miscommunications within the integration.


Different tools can use different language codes, so, yes, mapping is a needed thing here. I’m glad to hear that everything is working well now!