Not so easy/intuitive to search existing certain word/phrase translations?

when translating certain word, i would like to check inside same file or same project what are existing translation of that word/phrase to make sure it is translated same way everywhere.
How to do this please? It does not seem to be intuitive how to do it. Maybe i can not see it because that word was not yet translated.

Hi, well, yes, in case there’s nothing translated already nothing will be displayed :sweat_smile:

Still, for the future here are some tips:

Previously translated as feature:

Translation memory:

Also, you can browse knowledge base to find out more about duplicates and other features, like glossary for example.

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So how to do this please?

[quote=“slrslr, post:1, topic:1574”]
check inside same … project or all projects of a user what are existing translation of that word/phrase[/quote]

Hi @slrslr

With hovering the mouse you can see what word is translated in past (it would be underlined) + in the Translation memory section you can see how full stings were translated.

In the setting you can change TM visibility, wheel button in the top right corner (40 or 60 % is the least)

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Not all words are underlined even it was translated, not sure what is the key for this (why not it under each word). WORKAROUND: I can highlight the word (mouse doubleclick or drag & drop) and then in appeared menu click “Search in TM” and it will show translations with this word. Maybe this unfortunately does not search all projects beside current one. I do not know.

@slrslr depends on word place within a string, maybe was some placeholders or tags so now it’s not recognizable, or existing translation to another word already deleted and so. A lot of reasons. Yes, it searches only within current project. If you use Tm sharing option, it would search within all Tm’s, but that’s the option only owner can enable.

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