Non-approved strings and language permissions don't work

Hello there!

I have set to do not upload not approved string, also set to do not upload empty strings but still my Unity plugin downloading them.

Also I have set specific language permission to a translator but he is able to translate all the languages and permission to them is being added without control.

In this case all people that join my public project can both - translate all strings from all languages and Unity is pulling them to the project itself. All without controll.

What can I do to prevent that?


Have you followed the guide for the Unity integration from our store:

It might be that some files are already approved and were exported from the Crowdin project

Regarding the language permission if you’re under the Free plan Moderated project joining is not available on the current plan. Without this option, Crowdin users can join public projects without approval if the option is disabled

Hello Tetiana!

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I am aware that free plan has some limitations. But before going onto the paid option I wanted to test if the system works as intended.

About user permissions; I have granted permissions to translate only one language, but this person is able to translate all of them and permissions for other languages are added automatically to his account. Can i prevent that?

And about approved translation export:

This setting is enabled.

and I did not approve any translation but it still being pushed to my project.


Hi @rejectedgames ! I have switched your account back to trial (since trial gives you the opportunity to test all the features) while Crowdin Free has lots of limitations (it is not recommended to subscribe it for testing purposes and it is not the same as the trial period)
Now translators will have access only to the languages you specified for them

As for the export, the translations are not skipped on export in the Unity plugin? or when you download manually?


I am using Unity plugin to push and pull content. So when I am puling translations using plugin on Unity it downloads all of them, with not approved ones as well.


Some plugins or integrations have their own work logic, and so it may be with Unity: the system pulls all content, prioritizing the approved over translated, but if there’s no approved, it pulls translated, otherwise it adds the source as translation.

I will run a few tests from my side and double-check with the team whether it’s expected or not.

Meanwhile, you can use the default build&download project option in order to obtain .zip archive in case you need those approved-only translations.

Just tested in my project, user with role Translator, access to 1/4 languages.

This user can see a list of the languages from the project homepage, but when trying to translate those 3/4 languages the system doesn’t allow it.

Is there a chance you can double-check the permissions from your side?

Checked the code of the plugin, and it’s expected. It’s based on API and has its own configuration. It pulls all translations, regardless of the export settings of the project. So, yes, skipping untranslated strings or exporting only approved ones will not work in this case.

Thanks for the answer!

That is quite bad, as I need control over translation. Our product will be translated to many languages and some of them will be translated by the community - which means I cannot risk that some errors will go into the game without checking them first. There’s gonna be a lot to approve so sometimes pulling approved strings only will be the best option to update required strings.

Does the plugin belong to the crowdin company? Is there any chance to get setting to avoid downloading all strings in the future? To be honest at this point it’s “no go” for me.

(or any other way to make push and pull feature easy, without using manual download option)


Hi @rejectedgames, thank you for your request!

I have just done a detailed investigation of this case, and it looks like we can improve this behavior.

I’ll post in this thread regarding any updates on the matter.