No translations during Download Translations from the project

Hi. I have an issue when downloading project translations.
It appears that the when we Build project + Download in Xliff translations. The non-translated stings for the dialects (French Canada, French Belgium etc.) are removed from the exported xliff files. What the reason?

@DuuanVanVaagh hello!

Maybe you’re using “skip untranslated files” or strings? What’s the status of those languages in Crowdin?

Hi @TiroliTemar

Thanks for tip!

I’ve checked the produced xliff files, and the interesting part that for all dialects languages we have the xliff attribute Translated being set as <target state="needs-translation">.

I guess because of this, they are removed from our XCode when we import the translations, and that’s why I didn’t see them.

I’ve gone ahead and done some tests, here’s what I found:

Using the “skip untranslated strings” unfortunately results to the same behavior since strings are completely removed from the xliff.

For stings that I translated on their own , like went into Editor, choose French Canada, this sting has state “translated” in my xliff and perfectly uploaded into my XCode.

Maybe it’s because I have “Automatically fill in regional dialects” turned on in the settings of project? Perhaps I’m missing some important staff and this feature doesn’t work?

Skip untranslated strings >>> will remove untranslated string on export, and you’ll receive only translated strings in the file, there’s a tricky point about it, because dialects are not considered to be translated.

Automatically fill in regional dialects >>> this setting, this option, it works differently than you expect.

It doesn’t add the translations for dialect in a project (they don’t migrate from French to French Canada), but once you download the translation files, the system will check if the French language, and if it has the translations, they would fulfill the French Canada language as well. In other words, it’s done only with the Download button, when translations are downloaded from Crowdin.

I use this setting as well and “Automatically fill in regional dialects” works perfectly in a way I described. Regardless of my German Belgium progress is 0 in Crowdin, on the export, Crowdin copies all translations from German into my German Belgium file.

I’ve tried with Xliff, and translated strings in German are copied into German Belgium and marked as "state=“translated”. All stings that are untranslated in German, are copied into German Belgium with “need translation” state.

Maybe you don’t have a translation for French? :slight_smile:

@VoldemarSamrani wow, didn’t now about such a great difference. Yeah, you know, it’s may bad, I’ve double checked my languages and project - the reason was simple, last build was 2 months ago, we just use download translation button, without build. Right now, after build, all works as you described, all French suggestions are added into French Canada stings.

I’ve done test in another project, we’re testing the Enterprise version right now, and using .xliff files for tests, so I’ve just used “Build&Download” button there (in Enterprise it’s combined - perfect decision I must say).

Anyway, thanks for the tip, I definitely appreciate your time and assistance. @TiroliTemar thanks for your time as well!

@DuuanVanVaagh glad to hear it worked. Yeah, Enterprise version is full of features, I’ve browsed Crowdin’s Blog about it, looking nice. Maybe I’ll also give it a try one day :slight_smile: