No strings visible in Translation (Enterprise version)

We work on integrating with Gitlab and right now are trying to find the optimal structure for that.

But after adding the 2nd branch, and removing the 1 branch, no strings are visible anymore when I open the Translation step Editor. They are visible only in the Proofreading step Editor and on the export when I build and download the project with API.

Before I branch adding I could have seen all the content. Stings weren’t approved, but they were marked as “done”.

My role in Organization is Owner.

Hi @Oleg_Stoykov

I guess you had Duplicates option enabled. So, once you added new Branch, files inside were considered as duplicates, and automatically receives translation from those that were translates in Branch 1.

After that, you delete Branch 1, and files in Branch 2 become master stings themselves. With this update, translation step were closed for them and since next stage is Proofreading as you say, they are here as well.

It’s because of a little bit difference in logic. They were not translated from the glance, you uploaded them when you already had totally same files translated, so Branch 2 received suggestions that already been made, with “done” status hardcoded (at least in my project there was same case a month ago).

Since files are translated for 100% they will no longer be visible in Translation, will be only in Proofreading.

Hope this help.

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