Newlines in crowdin.yml commit_message

How can I include newlines in the commit_message of a Crowdin configuration file in YAML? I am trying to include [ci skip] as the description of the commit message (not in the title) while using the option append_commit_message: false since I’m using a custom commit message.

My current config has commit_message: “Crowdin: Update %language% messages\n\n[ci skip]” but this results in “Crowdin: Update Dutch messages\x0A\x0A[ci skip]” being shown on GitHub. I’ve tried multiline strings also but Crowdin said it was an invalid configuration file.

Hello @Archy-X

Is there a chance you can share the full crowdin.yaml file (without any credentials), so I can double-check from my end?

In general, the Commit message and Pull request title can be configured in this way only →
Configuration File | Crowdin Developer Portal (see the part for Configuration File for VCS Integrations)