New proofreader UI feels less productive for editing

While the new UI for proofreading files is more compact, I find that it’s much less usable if you’re actually editing things instead of just mass approving.
If I want to quickly paste something from the TM, then Save, then approve; now my mouse needs to travel further.
And my eyes need to move more to see the character count as well as the context now.

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I totally agree. I’ve just came here to express my frustration with this new UI. Why the approval button was moved up and is not next to the actual string? It makes things so much slower. The sidebar division is okay, but I prefer to have the context below the string - believe me - users won’t check it if they have to look for it on the right side. I’ve currently switched to Comfortable view for Approval stage.

Hello all.

We’ve introduced this change based on feedback we’ve received.

The main reason we’ve done this - is to make new users (especially when they switch to Crowdin from more traditional tools) feel more comfortable with “easier” UI.

Right now we’re gathering feedback about the new UI, and based on them, we’ll add some changes and improvements.

So far, we’re considering bringing back Context and QA Issues and some other minor improvements in Side-by-side mode.

If you have additional ideas, you’re welcome to leave your request here, we’ll review each of them:

Not related to new UI but general to shortcuts.

I cannot find a good way to save but not approve translations.

Help says:
CTRL+Enter = Save
ALT+Enter: Approve

My reality:
CTRL+Enter = Does nothing
ALT+Enter: Saves and Approves

So I end but with a not of un-approving which is not that productive :slight_smile:

Hello @JohannesNielsen

Auto-approve can be enabled/disabled in personal editor settings (Wheel button, top right corner of Editor UI).

Shortcuts → Can you confirm that you don’t have a shortcut conflict? For example, in my personal project, some shortcuts don’t work, because those combinations are configured by me to work for other commands in a browser.