New project, problems with js proxy integration

I have a brand new project. Used this integration in other projects and have not experienced this issue.

page_limit: 10000
ignore_by_css_classes: crowdin-ignore
  - /en/latest/**
default_page_timeout: 0
language_detect_type: query_paramater

Also tried just using as the main url.

Either way, I get “no strings found” when importing the site.

I have a feeling it is something to do with where the page is hosted (readthedocs), although I previously attempted to import a site there and it worked in a different crowdin project.

Logs are empty, so I’m not sure how to diagnose this.

Hello @ReenigneArcher! Could you please try importing without ignore_by_css_classes in your code?
Would you give it a try and tell me how it goes?

It works if I remove the ignore field. That’s interesting because I definitely have that enabled on my other project.

I also noticed it will error if there are any blank lines in the include or exclude paths.

Hi @ReenigneArcher ,

It is good to hear that the site is imported without errors if you do not specify the ignore_by_css_classes: crowdin-ignore parameter in the configuration. Maybe the path of the page in the ignore was specified incorrectly :thinking:

When you try without parameters include or exclude paths, do you get an error every time? For example, the first time you may get an error, but when you try to import the site again - everything goes successfully

@Roman it’s a CSS class, not a path so that doesn’t make much sense.

If I re-add the CSS class to the ignore field, it will error again. It is only working when the ignore class is empty.

There are around 150k strings in this project, many of which probably do not need to be translated as they are code blocks. Note, I currently do not have the CSS class in the html, although I wouldn’t think it would fail to find any strings due to that. It also fails to find anything when scanning the very first page, and does not even attempt to scan the other pages where the CSS class could potentially exist.

Hi @ReenigneArcher,

We will check everything and get back to you with an update.

Hi @ReenigneArcher,

Sorry for the late reply! We have made some fixes from our side and now everything should work fine even with the ignore_by_css_classes included in your snippet. Could you please give it a try and let us know how it works?

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Thank you, it appears to be working as expected now!