New downloads serving outdated bundles from cache

I’m working with a string based project. I tried to update the settings for a bundle download, but it seems like the new changes didn’t take effect – until I updated a string. Then it served the bundle with the new bundle settings. It seems to be some sort of weird caching issue. I use a custom bundle generator and have to make changes often, but I had the same issue with the default json strings bundle tool.

Expected: The bundle is made from scratch rather than served from a cache if bundle settings are changed
Actual: The bundle is only made when changes are made to a string, but not when changes are made to bundle settings

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Hi @RP2-Developer,

Yes, your observations are correct. There is indeed an issue with bundle caching after changing exporter settings. Unfortunately, the technical team has been looking into this issue, and we are unable to change this behavior at this time.

However, I must note that the cache of bundles is also reset when not only the source string is changed, but also the translations to the string. Thus, if you have active translation work in the project, the cache will be reset by itself.

You can also simply add a space to the translation, or remove/add a dot to the translation, and the cache will be reset. You should change a translation only to one string, but it should be done for all target languages.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience it is causing you! Hope that the proposed workaround will work for you.

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