Need workflow recommendation

Hi all. In one of our projects, due to some specific of our product, after each file update we lose all translation. Developers told me that we change keys (ID) of the stings, that’s why Crowdin consider them as totally new. We work with custom API integration. For now we’re using the translation upload solution (I always have a back up), but maybe there’s something more automated we can work with, so each time I update file, regardless of all keys being changed it remained translated?

Hey @Marcos_Yeah

What comes to mind is adding to your API workflow automated translation upload, or switching to duplicated stings workflow. Like, you don’t update the file, but upload new version as another file, system migrates suggestions from old one to new one, then you delete the old file.

Or, you know, this one should be the best one, just add the advanced workflow. Try checking Resources → Workflows and just create the one that would be using TM pre translate as a start point. With it, any time you upload something, it will be automatically pre translated with your TM suggestions.