Need recommendations about MT

Hi all, we think about giving our team a chance to take a short break, so decided to try Machine Engine pre translations in order not to leave our external proofreaders without any duties.

Have anyone tried them so far? Which one is the best and why?

Well, it’s a quite complicated question :slight_smile:

I’d advise you to take a detailed look at the language pairs Engines to work with. Perhaps some languages you need the most aren’t supported by the Engine you’re considering going ahead with. Like rare dialects or so.

Secondly, the pricing of Engine subscription may vary, not even in terms of price itself, but in terms of logic, this price is calculated. For example, some of them offer cost per word, some others cost per string or sentence, and some per day/month. Also, free accounts or at least free trial versions are supported only by a few of them.

If you work mostly with popular language pairs, I’ll suggest you give ours, Crowdin Machine Translation a try. It’s totally free of charge and provides you with really high-quality suggestions.