My Source Text Is GONE

Yesterday my crowdin is working properly and today i find that there are 4000+ strings source missing in the crowdin. What happened? How can I solve it??

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Oh, so it’s not just us? :thinking: We lost source strings and translations of 1 file as well.

I’ve been in contact with another community member and she confirmed that her project was also affected by that. Seems like it was a global issue. She also said that she was in contact with Crowdin team, they say that the fix should be soon created.

But I’ve spent some time with testing and seems I found the way to fix everything.

1 Download the current source from the project
2 Revert source to revision earlier than November 1 - that one seems to be a problematic day :persevere::disappointed_relieved:
3 Update the source with the downloaded file

If revision option is disabled (for Free plan) that Translation memory pre translation would solve the case.

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We have also been affected as late as two days ago (November 7th), losing the translations of about 600 strings, I’m being told. We also tried to use the Translation Memory to restore lost content, but it seems that it has restored old or unvalidated strings in quite some cases.

So we should do the reversion back at the source repo?

EDIT: Status update: Found the Revision option at our Crowdin page. Turns out the issue happened on October 30th, not November 1st. We had to revert to the previous revision to restore things in an acceptable state.

Me too, also had to do a revert but as for the October 29.

30-31 was a weekend, didn’t add any new content into Crowdin that days.