My crowdin.yml puts the translated language files nested inside the starting language folder

I have an xcode project with several folders with .strings files in them and I can’t configure the translation output to get put in a sibling level instead of nested.

For example I have .strings files like this:

├── folderA
│   └── en.lproj
│       └── fileA.strings
└── folderB
    └── en.lproj
        └── fileB.strings

And the below crowdin.yml file puts the newly translated output nested in the en.lproj file instead of making the new (for example) es.lproj folder as a sibling of en.lproj.

I’m using this crowdin.yml:

  - source: '*.strings'
    translation: /%original_path%/%two_letters_code%.lproj/%original_file_name%

Hi Richard!

It is definitely something with the translation path. Since you’ve contacted us via email, let’s continue conversation there