Multiple integration to be managed by 1 crowdin yaml file

Is this possible to create 1 crowdin.yaml that would work for all repositories? Like what I’m trying to achieve, is to create 1 crowdin.yaml file, upload into Crowdin, make it untranslatable

Then, somehow link it with 4 repositories in my project (maybe with some id match or so) and then to manage (add files, change paths of translation and so on) with editing this file in Crowdin, so it sends a call to integration and it passes and uses the changes. Is this possible?

Technically it’s not possible.

Yaml file uses the access key + project ID to keep the integration, same with overall integration logic. In other words, 1 file for 1 integration.

If structure of repositories and branches is same for each of them, I’d suggest you create 1 file and just add/change the id/key by some kind of automated tool, so then, in fact 1 file but with different access credentials would be used for all repositories.

Multiple repositories can be connected to the same project in Crowdin. You can put crowdin.yml inside every repository in GitHub (I guess it will fit each repo?), then create a project in Crowdin, connect multiple repositories with it and everything will be synced to the same place (in different branches, of course)

Hello @Andrulko thanks for tip! I will definitely give it a try :slightly_smiling_face: