Multi/one branch synch

Hi, I have a project with 3 GitLab repositories connected (all of them have different branches)

Normally I’m good to go with synch once per 24 hours, but sometimes I need instant changes being displayed. I found the button synch now, but it affects all repository, and take some time (i have 23 branches lol)

Any chance there’s something I can do?

Hello there, there’s an option on the matter, in Crowdin’s UI, near the branch name (from left to right) there are:

  1. Last synch
  2. Status
  3. 3 dots button (or 3 bullet points, depends on way you like to call them)

If you click 3 bullet points there would be a pop up with suggestion like "View branch configuration " and, the one you’re l4, “Synchronize this particular branch right now” - just click on it

Hope this helps