Modify source file using crowdin

Hey guys, with my friends I’m having headache to understand how does it work.
To clarify my situation let me explain the “base setup”.
In locales folder, I have fr.json, en.json, de.json and es.json. Since we’re french, our source file is fr.json. But as my friend doesn’t write good/perfect french we would like our translator to be able to modify this fr.json which is the base file itself.
The whole thing is synced with a github repo. But… we’re having weird issues, we got a lot of rollbacks situations. My guess is that crowdin doesnt like that a destination file could also be a source file.

If someone can clarify this to me ?

Hello @dadodasyra

The best thing is to use a Source text review (Crowdin Enterprise)

It allows you to review source strings, and change the text if needed, and then translators would work with changed texts.

Alternatively, you might consider having French as both the source and target language in Crowdin Com, but from my personal experience, it’s easier to work with a 2-project approach. In 1 you translate French to French, in another, you work with reviewed French as source and all others as target.

Hello @Dima

Seems like it’s not possible to use the same file for source and target language in Crowdin (Open source).

This screen is not from the same project as mentionned earlier but the goal is the same.

I was referring to Crowdin Enterprise platform (Source text review)

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