Missed files in export despite having all skip options disabled

I’m new on Crowdin and started setting up and experimenting with a project. Lastly I was experimenting with CLI and uploading files in batches. After my experiments, I started receiving archives twice smaller than before with skipped part of files.

I see that those missed files exist in the project and even have translations.

I see that keys and translations for them look correct
[there was proof screenshot]

I’ve checked that I have in settings all skip options disabled.
[there was proof screenshot]

But they are not present in the final archive.
[there was proof screenshot]

What am I missing?

Hello @alina_telyk!

I can see that you tried to provide additional screenshots, but they weren’t included in the message for some reason. Would you please try to send them again?

Also, your configuration file would be helpful - you can send the file to our email (support@crowdin.com) for security’s sake. You can share some of your exported files as an example as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

It’s a limitation for new users, only one screenshot for a post. So here is the screenshot from project settings on web, since I were building and downloading through web interface, not CLI.

Here’s the config file I were experimenting with uploading. The commented part was used for some of the experiments, added just for the context.

“project_id”: “—”
“api_token”: “—”

#“base_path”: “./sources/partial_corrected_for_translation/”
“base_path”: “./translation/corrected_cyrillic_localization/uk/”

“base_url”: “https://api.crowdin.com

“preserve_hierarchy”: true

files: [
“source”: “/**/*”,

"translation": "/%two_letters_code%/**/%original_file_name%",
#"translation": "/**/%original_file_name%",
#"scheme": "",

"update_option": "update_as_unapproved",


Hello @alina_telyk

Thanks for the additional details.

The reason behind this behavior is a translation path mismatch. If you check the example file (/english/dlc/fp1/dlc_fp1_ac**ev**en*s_l_eng***h.yml) it has the next translation export path:

translation: "/translation/%locale%/"

It can be checked in Files, 3 bullets near needed file → File Settings

But in your configuration file translation path is different
translation: "/%two_letters_code%/**/%original_file_name%"

You can build&download project from UI (Translations tab) to confirm this. It might be due to a different upload process (as you’ve said, some files were uploaded via CLI while others via UI).

You need to correct the translation path in the config and update files in Crowdin so they record a new path.

Alternatively, you can delete files from Crowdin, correct the config, and re-upload all content from scratch. Translation progress can be easily restored via Translation memory pre-translation.

More information can be found here:

Many thanks, Dima!
I thought that config file is more about local storage configuration, that it’s affecting the way how files loaded, not as part of config for a future export.
Sorry for inconvenience.