Migrating project to branch structure

We’ve been using CrowdIn on our project for many years, and up until now have just maintained a single set of translations. As soon as we release a new version of the software (which we do in git via a branch), we basically stop syncing it with CrowdIn, which just keeps working with our main branch. This is less than ideal, so we’d like to migrate to a system in which every time we make a release branch, we make a corresponding CrowdIn branch. I’m not currently using any integrations, so I want to set this up “by hand”. Is the workflow to create two CrowdIn branches, one for my main development, and one for the release, and then drag the translations files into the main branch? Do I need the main branch at all? Is it correct to drag the source files into it?

Hello @chennes

It depends on your specific setup. I’d recommend you take a look at API or GitHub Actions. They should provide more flexibility on the matter.

As for the native connector, there’s an option to “synch branches automatically” but it wouldn’t completely solve your question.