Migrating codebase to different repository

Recently i’ve moved my codebase from github to bitbucket. When I’m trying to set up github integration, it essentially treats this repository as a new source file, even though the keys and file structure are identical to already existing bitbucket integration:

How can I set up a new integration for a new repo while maintaining existing imported source file with all available translations?

Hi @bloodrizer ,

When you move a repository from one platform to another, the system may treat it as a new source file due to the change in the repository’s location. However, you can still maintain your existing translations.

Please ensure that the translations are located under the same path as the translation path in your configuration file. This way, translations will be picked up from your new repository when you sync translations to Crowdin.

You can also use Pre-translation via Translation Memory ™ to populate translations. All translations made in the project are stored in TM, so you can restore them easily.

They are located under the same path. They are literally the same physical repository, just with different git remotes.

Hi bloodrizer,

Answered you in another tread : )