Microsoft Translator translate to english but not kazakh

In Crowdin when i translate from russian (Source language) to english i have Machine Translation suggestions, but if i translate from russian to kazakh they gone.
What could be the problem?

Hi there!
The possible reason might be that this mt does not support the language pair (russian-kazakh) and that is why there are no suggestions while are languages work well.
You may find the supported language pair on the mt website

i check support lang on mt site before goes here :slight_smile: Microsoft Translator support kk lang

But when i select Pre-translate via MT on project homepage Kazakh language is disabled. This param disabled by crowdin, not microsoft. May be some settings about support come from past when microsoft mt don’t support this lang?

Hi! The mt might support the language itself, but not the specific language pair. For example, English-Kazakh might work while Russian-Kazakh won’t
Could you please let us know the mt you use?

Hi! I use Microsoft Translator
Here list of supported langs: Языковая поддержка — переводчик - Azure Cognitive Services | Microsoft Docs

Here test on azure portal:

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Here supoort for ru-en on crowdin:

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Here NO support for ru-kk on crowdin:

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Aaand i test support for en-kk …but this don’t work to:


@CLackyM just an assumption, but in the table you’ve shared here, in that list, I see that Russian has all checkmarks available, while Kazakh only 2 of 5.

This can mean that Kazakh is supported only internally in MS Translator native environment. I know that Crowdin works with API keys of Machine Engines, so most likely RU-KZ pair is not supported by this work type.

Can you try another engine? Maybe Google or so. Just for test purposes.

hi, only Microsoft have support kk lang and 2M chrasters for free translation. For start of development it’s great :slight_smile:

I chek pt-pt it has 2 of 5 too, but translation works. And i check tlh-Latn (Klingon!). It has 3 of 5 and translation works.
‘sq’ has 3 of 5, but translation don’t work.


Hello there, if there was no error and api key generated by Microsoft was accepted by Crowdin, and you see some language pairs translated fine, then there’s no issue from both side.

I mean, the connection is good if you receive other languages. Try checking language code, perhaps Microsoft uses another system that Crowdin.

Also, I would suggest to run the Machine engine pre translation from the project home page (pre translation - machine). The last but not the least, try contact MS team or browse via their database, perhaps it’s true that Kazakh pair can’t be supported outside of their native solution.

Or, 2m limit is reached and that’s why there’s no suggestion.