Markdown image format segmentation/processing

We have some formatted images in our MKDocs markdown files (Translating The Combine to Spanish, Mexico language - Crowdin), such as:

  • ![Login](images/login.png){ .center }
  • ![BasicSettings](images/projectSettings1Basic.png){ width=750 .center }

Crowdin’s default handling of these is inconsistent:

  1. On upload, { .center } is not parsed as a string to translate, but { width=750 .center } is, and thus has to be hidden.
  2. When translations are downloaded, ){ width=750 .center } is fine, but ){ .center } has messed up spacing: ) {.center}, and the new space between the ) and { messes up the MKDocs build.

Hi imnasnainaec,

Can you please share with us the example of your file to, so we can look closer into this issue?