Markdown files not automatically generating Context?

Hi everyone,

A few days ago we noticed that new Markdown files uploaded to our Crowdin project no longer had context automatically assigned to the strings.

Did something change in that flow, or are we missing something?

For example, this context was auto-generated on Crowdin when the file was uploaded:


But uploading a new file leaves context as “No context”, returning null in the API.


Recently we released support for a new version of the MD file format. The recent update to this format may have caused some segments to be parsed differently. We are currently working on the release note for this update indeed.

Is there any way to get the auto-generated context on segments now?

We have entire files that have 0 string-based context which is breaking our workflows.

@nhcarrigan Would you be able to send an example of the file you’re currently using to Additionally, we’re interested in gaining more insights into how this issue is specifically affecting your workflow. This information will be valuable for us to collaborate with our technical team and find a tailored solution for you.