Mark strings in the same source as more or less important, or move them to another page

Per the title. Project link: Crowdin Enterprise

We would like to be able to mark some words within the same source as more important than others, or even split them apart based on a criteria other than hiding or sources.

We’re considering merging some of our source files in the repo, as the contents under words and sandbox have the same metadata and fields for translation. This would make maintenance significantly easier, but we’re worried it would make crowdin nearly impossible to search through given our usecase.

We keep track of a dictionary for Toki Pona, and Toki Pona only has 120-130 words depending on who specifically is asked. The definitions of these words should be given highest priority. However, many words exist outside of that core set, ranging from being used by some 60% of the community to barely 2% of the community per our surveys. These remaining definitions are worth translating, as these words are either in use or relevant historically, but are far less important the core set. The aforementioned “sandbox” group is an even less relevant group, primarily tracking experimental, one-off, or previously recognized and now unrecognized words below 2% usage. These have little to no priority to translate.

Is there any way mark specific strings as more important than others, or divide them by a criteria other than their source?

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Hi @gregdan3,

To prioritize certain strings in your project, you can utilize labels to mark them as more important. You can do for example as follows:

  1. Create a label for high-priority strings for your essential Toki Pona words.
  2. Apply this label to the relevant strings in your project.
  3. Translators can then filter by this label to focus on these high-priority translations first.

For the less important strings, you can create additional labels like “Secondary” or “Sandbox” and apply them accordingly. This way, you can easily categorize and prioritize the work for your translators.

For detailed instructions on how to manage labels, please refer to our Knowledge Base article here:

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Ah, I missed that part of the docs. Thank you so much!

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