Maori not available for MT with Microsoft Translator despite being supported

I’m trying to use Microsoft Translator with machine translation to Maori, but despite Maori being on the list of supported languages by Microsoft Translator, the language is greyed out in Crowdin UI when I attempt to use machine translation to translate the strings into Maori.

Hi @harvestdp

Did you try any other engines? I work with Google, just check in my project (just for tests added Maori) → Google works fine with it. Could it be problem from Microsoft side? Maybe they support Maori only in their tools…

@VoldemarSamrani Yes, Google works, but I want/need to use Microsoft for Maori, because it provides better quality machine translation than Google.

I feel like it is just a matter of Crowdin not having an up-to-date list of languages supported by Microsoft, thus making Maori greyed out for MT with Microsoft.

Hello @harvestdp

Thanks for reporting this. We’re planning to update supported languages for all Machine Engines, this is a complex task, so I’m afraid it wouldn’t be done extremely fast.

Here should be an update once the task is done:

Thanks @Dima.

We will need to find an alternative way to translate our strings to Maori with Microsoft outside of Crowdin in that case, as we need it rather urgently.

I’ll try to speed up the process from my side :wink:

Hello, have some news, we’ve updated our libraries, so you’re welcome to give pre-translation another try :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that. Thank you @Dima

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