Many new strings and translations have disappeared after syncing

After syncing, a lot of the new strings disappeared. I still have the history of added strings and their translations into other languages in the Activity tab. But when I click on them and the new window opens, it says that “the string doesn’t exist or was deleted, or the existing string unavailable for the current language.”
There lack tons of changes that I have made for such a long time and I am desperate. My question is - Is there any chance to recover the strings and the translations?

Thank you in advance!

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How did you update the file? Is it integration of Github? Maybe you merged branch or file so system think it’s a new version?

Anyway, in activity you can do “undo” to revert changes. In Content tab of files you can click the revision of file and revert it.

Last but not least, running the Translation memory pre translate would bring translation back.


Thanks for your reply!

Answering your first question, we updated through the Integration tab by clicking on Sync Now and that’s all… As I got the information from the Repository, we do not change anything in Gitlab. All exceptions come exclusively from CrowdIn: CrowdIn → GitLab → merge → app.

Btw, there is no “undo” button to revert changes after syncing. It shows how many strings were deleted but only in the table of updated projects…

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99% sure there was a merge from the gitlab side that replaces strings ID and now system thinks they are different. In the content - files near the file name is a number of revision, by clicking it you can see what exactly was changed.

Anyway, running the translation memory pre translation should solve the problem.


Lots of thanks for your advice!

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