Make percentage based off real translations instead of machine translation

In my opinion, the percentage should be based off real/human translations or ones that have been checked. When you pre-translate a language, the percentage goes to 100% even though there is likely issues with it. This can be a problem when showing a badge on a website such as Github where the percentage is 100% but it should not be. Please give an option to change it.

Hi @Anthonyy232,

The translation progress is affected by any translation made for the content, either human or machine. If you doubt the quality of the translation, there is also a proofreading progress. In the screenshot below, you can see the English language is 100% translated (blue color of the progress bar) and only 50% is approved (green color of the progress bar):

This means that all of the strings were translated, and half of these translations were reviewed and approved by humans, which improves the quality of the translations.