Lost access to the owner account

Hey there :wave:, we (Node.js project) own a Crowdin project named nodejs-website which is used for translating the Node.js Website.

This count was initially created by a Bot, but we lost access to the Bot account a long time ago. We kinda of gave up on getting that account back, but we wanted to know if there’s any way that one of the current managers (such as myself) can be promoted to “Owner”? As the original account lost?


Hi @ovflowd!

At the moment, there is no way to transfer the project from one account to another, but you can easily recreate the project in this way:

  1. Download source files (via Sources tab → Files or probably you have them locally, so you can skip this step; even easier if integration is connected);
  2. Download existing translations (Translation tab → Build&Download);
  3. Download TM (Settings tab from the owner’s account-> Translation memory → Choose the needed one → Download)
  4. If necessary, create a list of participants’ usernames/permissions locally and then re-invite them into another project;
  5. Re-create a project (Crowdin) under the preferred account;
  6. Re-upload sources, translations, and TM into the new project (if necessary you can run pre-translate via TM to auto-translated the strings).

Hey there, the main issue is that we need to transfer the members from one project to another… How would that be possible?

Hi @ovflowd !

The only possible way here is to re-invite the users from scratch to the newly created project.

Hope for your kind undestanding :pray: