Logic of translation memory?

Hello, just wondering what’s the logic of translation memory in Crowdin, I mean in which way suggestions comes there? I see there is some changes in the system at all, have they affected the TM as well?

Should be done in this way:

  1. all approved translations - highest priority
  2. if there are no approved, then last one added (like the one added 12/12/2022 would be added to TM instead of the one from 12/12/2020)
  3. if there is one with 3 or move votes (+) it will be added into TM, even if it’s older that another suggestions. Both should be just translations, not approved, because approved will replace even 100 voted translation.

So, in you have small project, I’d suggest just having proofread step so all approved goes into the TM, or just keep in mind that the last added one will go. Those with votes are only for big projects, don’t think that users vote much in small or medium.