Locale might not be configured in the App Store Connect for this app

I imported the languages from Appstore connect but when I sync the text back I get the following error. any idea how to fix that?

ar_SA locale might not be configured in the App Store Connect for this app. Your App Store locales “it,en-GB,en-CA,pt-BR,de-DE,en-US,es-MX,en-AU,pt-PT,ja,fr-FR,ar-SA”

Hello @arfaoui.bechir ,

It appears that the “ar_SA” locale might not be correctly configured in App Store Connect for your app. Please ensure that the locale code matches the one used in Crowdin. You can refer to the list of our codes here: Language Codes | Crowdin Developer Portal

As well, you may set the language mapping in the Project Settings > Languages:

Hi @NataliaM I updated my question with a screenshot, even english is not being mapped correctly. from the error I understand that crowdin looking for xx_XX (with an underscore) and the Appstoreconnect operating using the locale format xx-XX (normal dash).

I tried to map them in the settings but unfortunately did not solve the issue. Crowdin is always expecting the “xx_XX” locale format.

It would be great if you can guide me further in this configuration process and help me investigate what I’m doing wrong.

NB: Japaense translation (jp) was pushed back to appstore connect successfully no problem but still have that issue with xx-XX locale.

Dear Arfaoui, default language codes that Crowdin expects for Arabic, Saudi Arabia and English, United Kindom are ar-SA and en-GB. AppStore demands locales ar_SA and en_GB. As we can see, Language Mapping isn’t set:

Please kindly choose the placeholder locale for Arabic, Saudi Arabia, and write the code as ar_SA. For English, United Kindom the same like this:

Please also re-check the language codes that are default for the AppStore

Hi @NataliaM Thank you for your quick answer,
I did that and still getting the exact same error like in the screenshot.
should I wait few minutes after setting the mapping or it is supposed to work right way?

you have the green light from me to test your self and see the error.

Dear Arfaoui, thank you for the confirmation, passed this to our developers to have a look into it. Will keep you posted

Hey @NataliaM

I have 2 points

1- the issue mentioned with the “-” vs “_” is fixed now. Thank you and the team for prioritizing this.

2- the french and german are being sent as fr or de but the expected locale on Apple side is fr-FR and de-DE. it would be great to add French, France and German, Germany to the list of languages.


Thank you for the update on the issue resolution.

Regarding the locale formatting for French and German, I have forwarded your request to the team. We will work on adding ‘French, France (fr-FR)’ and ‘German, Germany (de-DE)’ to the language list. Once this update is implemented, we will notify you promptly.

Hello @arfaoui.bechir!

The fix is up! Please check how everything works on your side, should all be good by now.

Have a nice one,

@DianaO I checked the languages locale code did not change. in the list or during the sync to appstore connect. (still getting the same error)
please check and let me know if I’m missing something.

Sorry for the confusion here, the issue regarding “the the french and german are being sent as fr or de but the expected locale on Apple side is fr-FR and de-DE” is still active
We’ll update you once it is done

Having the same issue here I tried creating mapping on the project settings but they are not picked up during the sync and still sends fr instead of fr-FR

@rubbergoosedev thanks for reporting this. Adding your reply to the opportunity task 44824.

Once it’s done, or any other details from you will be needed, we’ll contact you.

the issue is still not fixed. any timeline for this?


We appreciate your patience. Our team is working on this issue, but we cannot provide a specific timeline. We will inform you once it is done