Local change of TM records

If I for example would like to have my proofreader to edit some TM locally (she works not in Crowdin). I dont want she to change thanslation to my translated files, only the TM.

What’s the workflow? I just donwload the TM, pass to she, and then update with the file she gives me back? Any chance I can break somethign with this workflow?

No, not the good idea. Will double the suggestions.

When you downloaded a TM and edited it, then when you upload the same TM back to the project, the system will not update the records, but will just create new. So you have them doubled.

You need to download the TM, edit it locally, then delete the TM in Crowdin completely, then upload the edited TM.

A little complicated process, this application works better (but you need to invite this user into Crowdin)