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This is for an open source project that has been around for many years… Historically, we had an uneven folder hierarchy in GitHub. Source string folders were in two different locations. Also, translated strings were all in the same folder, not broken out by locale or language.

This is all getting cleaned up in an upcoming release, and the source files are getting moved to a common folder, with subfolders per language.

So we configured a new branch, and a new workflow, and pushed this to CrowdIn.

We are configured to use STRICT matching, i.e., to match on key/string.

We were expecting all shared key/strings to continue be shared, but they’re not. Even though the key & the string match the prior release, CrowdIn is treating it as unique and wants new translations, causing a LOT of duplicate work. The new branch wants ALL strings translated…

How do we avoid making folks do duplicate translations for the same key/string?

Is the path considered part of the “key”? Is the fact that the files are in a different folder in the new branch causing this? Is there a setting to make it ignore the path change upon matching?

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Hello @shawnb61!

There’s something you need to be mindful with using the duplicates option:

  • The system always checks the path to the string throughout the branches. For example, even if the strings are the same in different version branches (branch1 and branch2), but their paths are different (branch1 - /localization/android.xml and branch2 - /localization/apps/android.xml), they won’t be recognized as duplicates.
  • This option works only for the strings located in the files that have the same format. For example, if there is the same string in android.xml and ios.strings files, it won’t be recognized as a duplicate.

So, what happens in your case is that strings are not recognized as duplicates because of the different paths. Sorry to say, but there’s no possibility to change that.

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Thanks for the prompt response!

It sounds like we need to upload the translations from the other branch.