Labels not included in csv export

When downloading a csv file from my project, the string labels are not included. I added a column for labels when creating the file and assigned some labels to strings. Is there something else I need to do to have the labels appear in the file?

Also the “configure” button mentioned in the knowledge base is nowhere to be seen (CSV / XLSX Files Configuration | Crowdin Documentation). I have the manager role for this project.

Did you add label into project level? Content → strings → pop up button near labels → manage project labels → add?

Yes I did. I don’t think it is possible add the label to a string without doing so. Thanks for your response.

Probably it’s not possible via UI. Some things can be done only by API or CLI. I see thins one has labels, Configuration File | Crowdin Developer Portal maybe you need to upload the file from the scratch using new scheme, not update one.

Thanks for the help. Tried some more things. My findings:

Labels uploaded by file are indeed there when downloading, but labels are never included for strings added through the UI (neither when downloading through the UI nor API). Also not for a newly uploaded file (which then shows the configure button I was missing).

They are included when getting strings from the API endpoint but not when getting translations by endpoint, so I’ll need to puzzle them together.

Once you add a string from UI, you add labels for this string as well? Maybe there’s a limitation and system consider the work logic with uploaded and added by UI strings differently.

Not including for translations because most likely label is bound into source into. I guess it’s all default system behaviour, no bug or so.

Yes I do.
The label being directly linked to the string only makes sense, I can work with it.

I guess it is so, the thing you say, that label should be imported along with the string. Guess it’s a system logic. Maybe there’s really no way to do another.