JS proxy translator not publishing all my translations

Hello there,

I am trying to translate a Ghost website using Crowdin and Js proxy translator. In that purpose, I followed the video on that page.

I first installed the Js proxy, then I imported my website into crowdin, added the code snipped in my ghost , translated everything then published everything.

Overall it worked well, except for some specific strings that didn’t get translated in my site. The strings seem to be translated properly in Crowdin, the keys are the same, and importing again doesn’t detect any change.

I have waited for a day, in case of delay in the OTA delivery.

Is there anything I can do to troubleshot why it isn’t translated ?


Hello @mouke,

There could be many reasons why some translations were not imported to your website, like the export options in the project, translations status of such strings in Crowdin, JS Proxy caching etc.

Also, sometimes translations are not pushed to the strings of soft buttons because they use some custom segmentation which is realized in some different way from other text. In that case, it is necessary to check the method of localization of that untranslatable text.

In general, you are welcome to try to import sources to Crowdin again in order to keep them up-to-date and then publish the translations again. If you still need our assistance, you are always welcome to contact our Support Team directly, so that we could check everything using more details and examples from your side :slight_smile:

Hello @TaniaM,

Thank you for your answer.

After following your advice, I still can’t find the source of my issue. How can I contact the support directly ?


Dear @mouke,

You’re welcome to contact us directly at support@crowdin.com

Hello Natalia,

Thank you for your swift response :slight_smile: