Issues publishing revised translations

Can anyone help, started a project added the Webflow plugin imported content translated part and published works OK. Imported new content translated and approved published but updates and new translations won’t show on the front end.

Hey hey @davidhanson
Never used Webflow before, but it seems it uses the logic of JS Proxy, so it shouldn’t be possible to display language at the back end, there is only a switcher at the website or something like that.

Have you built the project? it’s needed to do at least twice a week. Also, what about distribution?

I’ve googled, seems there’s a step by step guides, perhaps they can help

Hi there many thanks for the reply, yes there is a plugin for Webflow that crawls the site and adds the content to Crowdin then once complete you publish the JS then references the json files here…

distributionBaseUrl: “”,
filePath: “/”,
distribution: “7f93a10e431ac0092cd89f91o0a”,

The only problem is that it seems not to work very well and I’m spending hours constantly clicking buttons trying to get it to work. The translation works very well or seems to files are built, click publish and no change at the website. Maybe there is a better way to do it by uploading the files to my site but I can’t find documentation on that part.

@davidhanson hi!
I’ve used your file path to discover what’s the website domain, and I see some languages, and switcher in the top right corner works well

I’ve used the Webflow in past, in Crowdin’s application you need to set up synch schedule or manually publish translation once you receive new, also integrating the java script into website in order to connect the translation is required (Project _> integrations > Webflow> scroll down to to the js snippet).

But what’s interesting, I’ve clicked a little, seems not all pages in your site is clickable. The only one I can click at is “Home” and “Italy → Moli Helix”, but anyway, those 2 pages are displayed good if I switch to Spanish or Portuguese.

May it would be possible for you to display some screenshots, or maybe a videorecord with detailed problem description and tasks you need to achieve? It would be much easier for me then to help you.

Many thanks for looking yes just two pages (adding new ‘under construction’ pages). So here I re-import add translations and publish. New or recent translations don’t show up on the site.

See Agricultural Snail Farmer should show in French.

@davidhanson Thanks:) I’ll do some tests later, have 1 idea about it. Update you in 1 maybe 2 days

Hi guys

@davidhanson I see a few things here:

  1. Check project settings, export. It should be default, without any checks like skip files or stings. JS Proxy based on this. In case you have something hidden, which means untranslated, all content may be skipped, so it’s needed to stay within default settings.

  2. Distribution cache. It may take up to 1-2 hours until distribution is published after you click “release”

  3. I’ve used data you provided,
    distributionBaseUrl: “”,
    filePath: “/”,
    distribution: “7f93a10e431ac0092cd89f91o0a”,

And here what I got after combination,

Nothing is untranslated here. Maybe there’s a chance you deleted files, or content from the website.

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Thanks for looking knowing about the distribution cache is useful I’ve unchecked those boxes lets see how that goes

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