Issues migrating to Crowdin Enterprise

I have a tool that is using the the public Crowdin API and I was trying to migrate it to use the Enterprise API.
Initially, I thought it would be as simple as changing the API URL, but it turns out there are more changes required.

The first difference I came across was when doing a PATCH on the project:

I was trying to replace the “/targetLanguageIds”, which is missing from the Enterprise API.

My questions are these:

  1. Are there any guidelines on what steps to go through to do this migration?
  2. How can I replace the target languages on the Entrerprise API?

Enterprise codes are different, here you can compare

There was a lot of requests here about it, so I guess I’ll be doubling the answer that helped 99% of users :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you take a look at this Postman Crowdin lib. It’s pre made, you only add your credentials to run a call. Then you can compare the payload, the response, and all other staff and based in the info obtained you change your tool “specifications” to match the Enterprise API.

I’m sure it will be the fastest way.

There should be a migrator, at least KB says it exists :slight_smile: Must save some time, I suppose it will match everything…

I don’t have a problem with language codes themselves or the data migration itself, but with moving parts of the functionality of my tool to the Enterprise version.

More specifically, the functionality to add/update target languages to an existing project.
Looking at the Enterprise API, I see no obvious way to perform this operation.

Updating the project has no option to replace the language list anymore, and I see no project-related endpoint that can add/update target languages.

Even the endpoint selected below, seems to be for updating custom languages, and not to associate them with a specific project :

Also, given that the API documentation shows that target languages are still present on the project, I would say that there is something missing from the API when it comes to updating the target languages:

OK, it appears that this functionality is intentionally removed from the Enterprise version, because it interferes with the “workflows” functionality.
But modifying the workflows via the API is not supported either, so I guess I will have to wait a bit for this… :frowning:

@Kitten67408158398 I had a private conversation with the member of crowdin team, and I can say that they have a task to allow modification of workflow via API. But they don’t know when it will be released becuase it’s a little hard to do techically and there are few requests only. Most people set up workflows once or 2 times per month/year, so it is not a problem to enter the UI version to do this.

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