Issue with RTL languages in API

So, I have the Arabic language, it’s right-to-left.

If I do build - download in Crowdin, or any other action with those language all is fine.

But in API, well, it’s all the whole issue. I’m using Crowdin’s library from Postman. Have anyone faced this?

Google says it’s a Postman issue

Maybe fixed by today, and you’re using outdated postman version? I thinks it’s a problem of language rendering.

Just what I’m leading to

In the browser, there is such a thing for textarea as direction, depending on the target language, Crowdin (and Google) changes the direction property, if Arabic and others - then r-t-l, if not, then l-t-r.

Maybe Postman does not support such a thing, that’s all.

Try skipping this command. Just test with simple project build-download = all works perfect.