Issue with Magento csv files

Hello guys.

I’m using Magento integration with Crowdin. So, I uploaded a file that needs translation, it’s a CSV, but the point is, when I download translation from the project homepage or via language page, they’re are totally empty. I mean, nothing, empty .zip archive.

My question is, how can i get my translation? :sweat_smile: Time is running out, i need them asap, pls assist

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Hi @TailorW

Interesting case, I worked with Magento also (it was about 4 months ago), hope my comments would help

You may refer to this guide:

In a few words, your file should be bilingual. It means, your CSV scheme should be like that:

Column 1 - Source | Column 2 - Translation

Once you update the file with that scheme, you need to download translation 1 by 1, not from the project homepage using the “Download” button, but from the particular language page (like Spanish, French, and so on → Crowdin will generate a particular file for each of languages

For more automatization purposes you can use APi or CLI, just in case you have a lot of languages

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Just decided to post exactly the same question, and here you are guys, with my question and allready with an answer. And guess what? It worked!! Brilliant :star_struck: