Issue with Bitbucket integration

Hello, having an issue with integration.

In one of our projects, I’d like to use Bitbucket (we’re switching from Azure), so I tried to edit integration - connected the repo, and once I click the “save” button after configuration, there’s an error pop up or so.

What can be the reason? If needed I can send some screenshots.

Hey @JessZavidy

Let’s try some magical wizard staff (in case I fail - pls direct message me with screenshots)

  1. You haven’t accepted the service webhook from Crowdin in the repository admin panel.

  2. Source path you’re using is not allowed or wrong (having conflict). A common mistake is having translation in the same please as source files, just at the same level - as a result, for some files type system wouldn’t allow you to do so. Try adding a folder of something like that, so sources and translations be stored not at exactly the same level. For reference:
    Configuration File | Crowdin Documentation

  3. Your subscription limits. I was working with the free plan for some time, this plan allows only 1 branch in Crowdin, so you cant save new integration unless you deleted (or changed it to a simple folder) a branch from the previous one (after Azure disconnect, your branch would still remain (unconnected, a stand-alone) in Crowdin Files tab)

Fingers crossed something would work :hugs:

@AnnaRockstray I guess Hogwarts should have invited you :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it was a combination of point 2 and 3. I’ve removed Azure branch and refer to guide with configuration file so it’s up and running now. You saved a lot of time for me, thanks!