ISO val-ES in valencian RetroArch translate page


I wanted to ask about various things. Has any file, or anything else, of the Valencian translation been retouched? I ask this because, when I can try to start RetroArch, it crashes. The terminal shows me the following message: “Fontconfig warning: ignoring ca_valencia: not a valid region tag”

Another thing that I want to say, its related about the “ES” two letters at the end of the site/project: “Translating RetroArch to Valencian language - Crowdin”. These ES letters don’t be in other translation languages from the Spanish State, like Asturian, Galician or Catalan. According to that Valencian is a dialect from the Catalan, at least, these two letters should be CA.

Thanks, and I hope reply.

You’d better ask the project owner or someone from managers, because system (Crowdin) never changes files or so, if there’s a crache, something from another side caused it.

Languages codes are here, Language Codes | Crowdin Developer Portal
Seems Valencian is val-ES
Maybe it was changed by project owner in the mapping. Or you can change it if you’re the manager