Is there still a limit on strings I can translate with github opensource plan?

As titled.
I created my project under the opensource plan and I noticed crowdin specified my plan is working.
But when I opened sources tag under my project,it says that I have reached my account limit.
So what is actually happening? Can I add more strings in future to translate?Or I need to have my account upgraded?


Should be fixed right now.

You’re on the open-source subscription, and it’s unlimited, but it still requires some limits in order to be saved in our database. Usually, open-source projects are small and the default limit is more than enough, so this situation is not a common one.

I’ve just increased the limit and refreshed the system, please confirm that all works fine.

sorry for the late response and thx for fixing it.
currently we’re working offline and fixing issues on generating the correct .po file,will soon be using crowdin as our i18n platform.Thanks for providing this great platform!

Hi @qwedc001 ,

We’re always happy to help!

Got you! Wishing you only positive moments with Crowdin, and if you need our help, just let us know