Is there a way to limit number of pushes via GitHub integration

Hi !
So i have my Github integration enabled and it looks almost ok, but it seems to ignore setting that it should be updated every 24HRS only…
Is there a way to configure it so that it would push every 24HRS, but ONLY if there were changes made?
My project is currently very low key, so not many changes done in a week… So getting so many pushes done, doesn’t really make much sense.
Kinn regards,

Hello @AndyRozman

24-hour synchronization means that the system checks project progress and in case there’s a new translation, a pull request is sent to your GitHub once per 24 hours.

You may try manipulating project export settings (i.e. skip untranslated files + export only approved suggestions). Alternatively, you can pause integration in case you want.

If you want to have total control, you may switch to GitHub actions and trigger them only in case of need: