Interface bug in the Languages panel

One of the drop down menus is appearing halfway off the screen In the Home/Languages menu.

See screenshot

Hey, what browser you use? How big is a screen? Maybe some cache\extension issue did you try hard cache clean/ incognito mode?

I just tried in my project with both 32" monitor and 13" macbook - all works fine, all content is displayed.

I’m using Brave browser for that screen shot, but the bug is also present with chrome and firefox.
It’s also present if I use a split screen, the drop down just stays cut off.
No amount of cache clearing had any effect on it…

Hi there. Jumping here, an interesting case must say. Passed to the tech team for further investigation.

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@azerty11235 received an update from the tech team, all should be fine now :wink:

Indeed it is, thanks for the update !

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