Intercom integration didn't import articles


I tried to import articles from Intercom to Crowdin.
I use Intercom integration but it stopped after import list of articles with 403 error. I tried to logout from integration and connect it again but nothing change.

In Crowdin there are folders created by integration but they are empty. “Only category and section names” json file is filled with text from Intercom Knowledge base.

Here is screenshot from activity log:

403 means forbidden. You have enough access level? Is the token used for integration has all access scopes, or did you use the Owner of Intercom account to connect?

Also, are Crowdin limits fine, you’re not overreaching them?

Yes, I’m owner of Intercom account and I’m owner of project in Crowdin.

In Crowdin we use free plan. I checked we have less than 30k used words, which is a lot of below 60k limit. I tried also to import single small article from Intercom without luck.

Maybe “Free” plan on Crowdin cause that problem?

Free is very limited.

1 Integration, 1 branch, and so on, and so on. In case you have a Github, and it creates Branch, and if Intercom creates also a branch, than they wouldn’t work both at 1 time. The application is usable for you, right? Maybe you can record a screencast with develop console to see what is happening when you run the synchronization? Probably error logs from there would provide more details.