Insufficient plurals for Welsh

I’m trying to help out with a project that’s translating a project to Welsh. However, the implementation of plurals for Welsh is a bit clunky.
It works great for zero, one, two, few and many (= 0, 1, 2, 3, 6 in Welsh), if you ignore the fact that the ‘few’ and ‘many’ forms are identical for all masculine nouns.
However, for cardinal numbers, other is used for all other numbers. In Welsh, there should ideally be an additional form used for all other numbers below “about 10” (the exact number differs from speaker to speaker, but ≤ 10 is a reasonable average), with other then being used for all numbers > 10. Is there a nice way to do this, other than =4 =5 =7 =8 =9 =10?

Probably it is possible (well, all is possible, right? :slight_smile: ) but would require enormous efforts from the tech side to implement this improvement. I didn’t see the same reports or requests here in forum regarding Welsh, so the best way would be to describe it in the feature form Feature requests and ideas | Crowdin

You mean like adding to this list another one, “approximate 10”?

Probably number of plurals also varies from file type to file type, like in this one Discover the right solution to enhance Crowdin experience

But in all ways, the thing you wish to have is not activated out of the box, you will need to request it.