Instant translation download when proofreading is completed - is that possible?

Hi again, I have a workflow related question

I’m trying to reach the next result:

Once translation+proofreading is complete, I receive totally up-to-date file with approved suggestions.

It should be done anytime - regardless of whether I just update the file or uploaded a whole new one.

Also, it would be cool for tasks to be created for my translators automatically, anytime I upload new stings.

How it’s possible?

Hey man,

I’m using a webhook based CI

Here how it looks like:

  1. I added webhooks into a project, so I’m notified anytime something is done:
    API v2 Reference
  2. When I receive “file approved” webhook, my laptop runs Build + Translation download command using Crowdins API
  3. Whenever I update a file, I use “Add task” API call with “skipAssignedStrings” parameter. As a result, with eachupdate translator receive another task that include only newly added stings. Considering the fact that with 1 update I usually add 250-300 stings, it’s a good option.
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