Inconvenient projects listing - new user

I have been approved as a translator for like 5 projects of one company.
I do not know why i had to do 5 applications and copy my introduction message to each, instead of submitting one application for all projects of that company PMtranslator (PMtranslator) – Crowdin

Now at Crowdin i see that approved projects, but clicking the project brings me to a language choice. That is wrong. I need some dashboard where single click bring me right to a translation page of my only approved language.

I do not see it and i think that i should see it and you should improve this.
Also on projects list (again, currently at /profile ?) i should easily see number of untranslated phrases so i do not need to waste the time browsing it and your server work to display the translation pages.

Hi there.

I’ll try to answer all your questions, let’s keep fingers crossed I’ll succeed :slight_smile:

You need to approve invite for each project because of project structure. In Crowdin each user can be owner of it’s own project, manager in other project, and translator in another project. Just a logic of system and that’s all.

Regarding language choice, most likely it’s simple settings project and you are invited as translator by default. In this case you have access to eveyr language. But, in case project owner switch project to advanced management, there would be a language separator, which means that you can be, just for example, invited as translator to French, proofreader to Spanish, and without any access to all other languages. In this case, when you click the project, only yours languages would be displayed and clickable.

Not sure if Crowdin counts phrases, but if you click expand down arrow near language progress, in the status bar should become visible all translation/proofreading status of this language.

For more info, try this reference:

Or watch short Crowdin video: