Incomplete ML translation

I have this site translated Learning how to do Transition

You will notice that the most recent content " Celebrating Transition" is not translated.

In Crowdin I have run a manual import

I see the file

In the dashboard it shows 100% pre translation

I have released the translation

And yet as you see the most recent article remains untranslated.

What should I do to fix this please?

(I had to remove screenshots above as a new user)

I fixed this by deleting the distribution, re-importing and then re-releasing. Unclear why that was necessary, how it fixed it, or how to stop it happening in the future.

Hi Sam, maybe the reason was the CDN cache. In case, it happens again in the future - feel free to contact us

Hi @NataliaM thanks, is there any way I can clear the CDN cache? This new article remains untranslated Making change visible

Hi @sam_uk Hi Sam! We cannot somehow change this or force the faster release of the translations I’m afraid (we also added a note to our documentation here Content Delivery | Crowdin Documentation)

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Thanks, so if it’s still untranslated after one hour it must be a different problem in this case?

Hi @sam_uk ! Sometimes the delay may be longer. Please let’s wait a bit!

Let us know how everything is going!

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Any ideas? It’s now 6hrs

Hi @sam_uk,

Could you please give examples of specific strings that have a translation in Crowdin, but these translations are not on your website? I looked at the Making change visible page and it seems to have French translations

Also, in Crowdin, it’s a practice-transition project where you do translations, right?