In-context mode issue with angular interpolation

Hi @Joren

Seems there’s a need to create an investigation task for my team, no quick solution, unfortunately.

I’d like to ask you to open a page with the query parameter “disable_jipt” in the URL to disable the rendering of the jipt and see if Angular has normally replaced the constant inside the string.

Some basic assumptions:

  • If everything was replayed fine, then the problem is in the work of the jipt.

  • If not, then the problem is in how Angular works with our placeholders.

Will be looking forward :slight_smile:

Hi Dima,

This is what renders when using the disable_jipt:

So from what i can see,
the outer crwdns768:0 crwdne768:0 points to the //day:

<trans-unit id="8fbb34dd65417e82cd0abd96aba6979315441c58" datatype="html">
    <source>/<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ animal }}"/>/day</source>
    <target>crwdns768:0<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ animal }}"/>crwdne768:0</target>

And the inner crwdns790:0 crwdne790:0 points to the animal type:

<trans-unit id="singular-cow" datatype="html">

For users with a different animal, it also points to the correct source.
So it seems everything is being replaced correctly.

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Thanks for your assistance. Now things become more clear to me. Will work on it from my side with the development team.

In case other details would be needed - I’ll contact you.

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