In-context mode issue with angular interpolation

Hi @Joren

Seems there’s a need to create an investigation task for my team, no quick solution, unfortunately.

I’d like to ask you to open a page with the query parameter “disable_jipt” in the URL to disable the rendering of the jipt and see if Angular has normally replaced the constant inside the string.

Some basic assumptions:

  • If everything was replayed fine, then the problem is in the work of the jipt.

  • If not, then the problem is in how Angular works with our placeholders.

Will be looking forward :slight_smile:

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Hi Dima,

This is what renders when using the disable_jipt:

So from what i can see,
the outer crwdns768:0 crwdne768:0 points to the //day:

<trans-unit id="8fbb34dd65417e82cd0abd96aba6979315441c58" datatype="html">
    <source>/<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ animal }}"/>/day</source>
    <target>crwdns768:0<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ animal }}"/>crwdne768:0</target>

And the inner crwdns790:0 crwdne790:0 points to the animal type:

<trans-unit id="singular-cow" datatype="html">

For users with a different animal, it also points to the correct source.
So it seems everything is being replaced correctly.


Thanks for your assistance. Now things become more clear to me. Will work on it from my side with the development team.

In case other details would be needed - I’ll contact you.


Hi Dima,

This issue doesn’t seem to be fixed, do you have any updates ?


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Hello @xdidomizio

We’ve started some initial investigations but as far as I know, the task hasn’t been finished yet.

I will check the task progress.

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Sorry for not having the best news, but yes, the task is not done yet and is unlikely to be done anytime soon.

Due to only one request regarding this issue and the difficulty of its testing and subsequent implementation of a fix, more priority tasks were selected for development.

I hope for your understanding.

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Hi I wanted to report that we’re also having this issue. Looking forward to full Angular interpolation support from Crowdin.

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Hello @clarkmcc

We added some improvements to Angular localization workflow, for example, this application:

We haven’t received any new requests since my last message in this thread, except yours, so for now the situation remains the same. Still, in case there will be additional changes or improvements in the future - we will notify you!